My Daily Devotional

Family Priorities

“If anyone does not know how to manage his own family, how can he take care of God’s church.”
1st Timothy 3:5

My message today is for fathers and mothers, and is intended to provide food for thought about how you are managing your families. When God created the family, He intended for the father to be the breadwinner and provide for his family, while the mother’s role was to take care of the household and the children. This arrangement provides the best framework and atmosphere for all members of the family to prosper and function within. In this environment children are given the best opportunity to grow up in a home where God is present, and see the roles of both parents in their day to day life. The top priority for every family must be to honor and make God number one in their life, and follow His commands. When parents decide to bring children into the world, this must become another top priority. They must be prepared to provide the best atmosphere in which to raise their children. However, this family structure, that God intended, is being destroyed in today’s society, as family priorities have drastically changed. Parents are no longer content with being parents, and sticking to their individual roles, and making their children their number one priority, but have changed their priorities to the point, where their children are further down on the food chain. Many parents are placing the accumulation of wealth as their top priority. We must have the bigger house, the bigger car, the best clothes, be able to buy more luxuries, computers, cameras, and provide for a nice retirement. They are placing all of these above their family and their children. This change in priorities is placing stress on both parents, as they both are now having to work to afford this lifestyle. Pressures begin mounting, as both parents come home tired from work, and try to communicate with each other, and give the proper attention to their children. Neither the parents nor their children have the chance, in this atmosphere, to experience what the family structure should be like, as they are trying, in just a few short hours before bedtime, to squeeze in the time for their children. During the day the children are being passed around from person to person, in day care centers, or cared for by other family members on a daily basis, while both parents are out earning money. There is no consistency in the daily life of what their children are experiencing. The parents, many times, do not experience the special events that occur in their children’s life such as the first words, the first steps, the first time using the potty. All of these are special times in the life of a family, but when both parents are at work, these are times that neither see. During the formative years of a child, their values are being determined, and these values are being taught to them, not by their parents but by others, which may not share the same values as the parents do. Children need to bond to their mothers and fathers, not to day care workers or other family members. Family priorities have been changed to the point that the family structure has deteriorated, which is seen in a divorce rate in marriages of over 50%. We see children growing up with values that are learned, not from the parents, but from others. I realize that this message may not be one that many fathers and mothers may embrace, but is offered to make you think about where your family is in your priorities. Wealth and money should not be the top priority in your life, as there is more to life than this. Your God, and your family must be the top priorities in whatever you do. I would encourage you to give some thought today about your family priorities, and compare it to God’s priorities.

Pastor Robert William Brock My Daily Devotional Volume Four
September 4


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Robert William Brock, Jr. I was born in Pineville, Kentucky, the son of Robert William Brock and Irene Napier, I grew up in the beautiful southeastern part of Kentucky. I attended Union College in Barbourville, Kentucky graduating with a degree in Business Administration and Accounting. Early in my career I became interested in Health Care Administration and spent the rest of my career in Hospital Administration, where I retired after 45 years. After retiring from health care I have devoted the past ten years to a ministry, having founded and directed the Nehemiah Network, which provides assistance to the needy people in our area, by bringing together the numerous community organizations, churches and businesses to work collectively to meet the community needs. The Nehemiah Network concept has now spread throughout the nation and over 10,000 programs have been developed, in almost all the states, adopting the framework of the Network. I am a published author of 17 Christian books, and have spent over thirty years tracing my ancestors and writing a book about my Kentucky Heritage. My books are listed below: “Our Kentucky Heritage” “My Daily Devotional” "My Daily Devotional Volume II" "My Daily Devotional Volume III" "My Daily Devotional Volume IV" "My Daily Devotional Volume Six" "My Daily Devotional Volume Seven" "God’s Plan for the Family” " God’s Plan for a Father” "God's Plan for a Joy Filled Life" "The Silent Church" "God's Plan For Financial Freedom" "Living Without Sin" "My Kentucky Heritage" "Brock Family Cookbook" All of my books can be ordered at by typing in my name Robert William Brock, Jr. As part of my ministry I write a free daily devotional which is distributed on a daily basis to over 2 million people daily via e-mail. I live with my wife Margaret of 45 years in East Liverpool, where we have resided for over 33 years. We have three children and six grandchildren.
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