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Take Your Stand

“Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction. For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.”
2nd Timothy 4:2-3

Just recently as I was doing research on our family history, I ran across some old minutes from the church where my great grandfather was the pastor. It was common practice in the late 1800’s for the church to follow up on their members, when they did not come to church on a consistent basis, or where they were caught in the act of adultery, lying, stealing, and many other sins. We find instances in the Bible where the early church held people accountable for their actions, as the letters from the Apostles to the churches dealt with these issues. The modern day church has gotten completely away from this practice, as in almost any church we find men and women living together that are not married, we find people who have a proven record of sexual abuse, physical abuse to their spouses, we find gay and lesbian relationships, and all kinds of sins that our forefathers did not permit in their churches, but held these offenders accountable for their sins. However, in today’s society the church does not take a stand against these actions. Our children are not blind and see these sins being condoned and permitted in the church, so much so that the last several generations are now conditioned to accepting these sins as freedom of choice and politically correct. The Bible teaches us that these sins are not acceptable. According to recent surveys so called Christians now represent as many as 85% of the population, but we have become so accustomed to seeing these kinds of actions and permissive behavior in our churches, and have been so brain washed that when we have a chance to stand up, and take a stand for what the Bible teaches, we do not have the guts to speak out and condemn these sins. For example the Bible teaches us that the sacred ritual of marriage must be between a man and a woman, and that the life of an unborn baby is precious. But when we have the chance to stand up we do not, as we continue to elect government officials that condone these practices. The majority of the New Testament is made up of letters that the Apostles were writing to the churches, telling them what to do and the guidelines they were to follow. Modern day churches and church leaders have allowed, and are teaching such a watered down, feel good type of religion in our society today that does not follow what the apostles and the Bible told us. It is rare to find a church today that is taking a strong stand on these kinds of issues, and preaching week after week, sermon after sermon, about the consequences of these kinds of sins, and getting their congregations enthused and excited about standing up for the Word of the Gospel. Political correctness and the fear of losing members have become the primary objective of the modern day church. God must be so disappointed in what is happening throughout our world, and He has warned us that in the last days this will happen. The religion of our forefathers, that existed for the first 2,000 years has been modernized, reformed and changed to what feels good and politically correct, and is getting away from what the Bible really says. I would encourage each of you to begin to get active in your church, and demand from your pastor and leaders that they take a stronger stand as God commands.

Pastor Robert William Brock My Daily Devotional Volume Four
February 12

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Robert William Brock, Jr. I was born in Pineville, Kentucky, the son of Robert William Brock and Irene Napier, I grew up in the beautiful southeastern part of Kentucky. I attended Union College in Barbourville, Kentucky graduating with a degree in Business Administration and Accounting. Early in my career I became interested in Health Care Administration and spent the rest of my career in Hospital Administration, where I retired after 45 years. After retiring from health care I have devoted the past ten years to a ministry, having founded and directed the Nehemiah Network, which provides assistance to the needy people in our area, by bringing together the numerous community organizations, churches and businesses to work collectively to meet the community needs. The Nehemiah Network concept has now spread throughout the nation and over 10,000 programs have been developed, in almost all the states, adopting the framework of the Network. I am a published author of 17 Christian books, and have spent over thirty years tracing my ancestors and writing a book about my Kentucky Heritage. My books are listed below: “Our Kentucky Heritage” “My Daily Devotional” "My Daily Devotional Volume II" "My Daily Devotional Volume III" "My Daily Devotional Volume IV" "My Daily Devotional Volume Six" "My Daily Devotional Volume Seven" "God’s Plan for the Family” " God’s Plan for a Father” "God's Plan for a Joy Filled Life" "The Silent Church" "God's Plan For Financial Freedom" "Living Without Sin" "My Kentucky Heritage" "Brock Family Cookbook" All of my books can be ordered at by typing in my name Robert William Brock, Jr. As part of my ministry I write a free daily devotional which is distributed on a daily basis to over 2 million people daily via e-mail. I live with my wife Margaret of 45 years in East Liverpool, where we have resided for over 33 years. We have three children and six grandchildren.
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