My Daily Devotional

No Room For Common Ground

“If you love me, you will obey my commands.”
John 14:15

Just yesterday I heard one of the most well known television pastors in our country do an interview, about the need for everyone to work together in harmony, and find some common ground to solve some of the problems our country is facing. This was a very politically correct statement in the day we live in, but is so incorrect when it comes to following what the Bible says. He was asked about his stand on abortion and same sex marriage, and he said that there should be some common ground which would satisfy all people. I was so disappointed in his answer as there is no common ground in God’s Holy Bible, that gives us any leeway to kill babies and for men to marry men and women to marry women. This kind of politically correctness is what is wrong with our great nation today, as we have found too much common ground during the past 60 years. This common ground has led us to compromise the sin of abortion, where we now kill 4,000 innocent babies each day. This common ground has led us to compromise the sacred union of marriage, to where homosexuals are being given the right to marry. This common ground has led to God and prayer being taken out of our schools and our government. I strongly believe that one of the main problems we have in our society today, is that we have compromised so much to find a common ground that is politically correct, that it is destroying our nation. In this day we live in, where there is an excess of sin, were Christian morals have been abandoned, where Godly family values have been devalued, where God is being replaced with political correctness, it is time that our churches awaken to realize that there is not any compromise and common ground. Let me stress again that there is no common ground where these types of sins are justified in God’s Holy Word. We need to realize that they hung Jesus on a cross for not being politically correct, and for not compromising. Now more than ever, we need to follow that example. There is no room and no place in God’s kingdom for common ground or compromise.

Pastor Robert William Brock, Jr.
My Daily Devotional Volume Five
June 6

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