My Daily Devotional

Keeping Our Homes Safe

“Do not bring a detestable thing into your house or you, like it, will be set apart for destruction. Utterly abhor and detest it, for it is set apart for destruction.”
Deuteronomy 7:26

This is a powerful scripture that all Christians should be careful to follow in their everyday lives. There are so many things that we allow in our homes that are of the world, and not of the things that God would want us to be involved with. There are so many worldly influences that we bring into our homes, that affect and influence our children and our families. Our families are influenced so greatly in our society by the television, video games, music and many other influences, that are affecting our families and our children. Our families become so accustomed to these influences that many of our children do not know right from wrong. God teaches us what is right in the Bible, and we as Christians have the responsibility to enforce this to our children and our families. If we let our children be influenced by bad television programs, bad video games and bad music, they will become so accustomed to these that it will be hard for them to determine what is good and what is evil. We always need to strive to have things around us that are good, and things that will be a positive influence on us and our families. Satan is strong and will always be trying to influence us through all the media, and turn us away from what is right. We must constantly be on our guard, and not allow him an entry into our homes and our families. We must keep God as the focus for our family, and keep Satan out. Throughout the Bible, God gives us instructions in the way that we are to instruct, lead and guide our children in the way that they should go. In order to properly set the example for our children, we must at all times be aware of our own conduct and actions. Our children will imitate and learn from how we, as parents, conduct our lives. With today’s lifestyles there are many things that parents allow to be brought into our homes that can a detrimental influence on our children. We need to always be aware of these influences, and decide whether these are the things that God would want us to bring into our homes. Just because everyone else is watching a certain television program, or listening to certain music does not mean that we have to conform to what others are doing. We need to ask ourselves if God would approve of these things, before we allow them to be brought into our homes. Satan is alive in our world today, and is at work throughout our communities trying to influence us. It is our responsibility to protect our homes and families from these influences and establish guidelines for our children to follow.

Pastor Robert William Brock, Jr.

April 21


About robertwbrock

Robert William Brock, Jr. I was born in Pineville, Kentucky, the son of Robert William Brock and Irene Napier, I grew up in the beautiful southeastern part of Kentucky. I attended Union College in Barbourville, Kentucky graduating with a degree in Business Administration and Accounting. Early in my career I became interested in Health Care Administration and spent the rest of my career in Hospital Administration, where I retired after 45 years. After retiring from health care I have devoted the past ten years to a ministry, having founded and directed the Nehemiah Network, which provides assistance to the needy people in our area, by bringing together the numerous community organizations, churches and businesses to work collectively to meet the community needs. The Nehemiah Network concept has now spread throughout the nation and over 10,000 programs have been developed, in almost all the states, adopting the framework of the Network. I am a published author of 17 Christian books, and have spent over thirty years tracing my ancestors and writing a book about my Kentucky Heritage. My books are listed below: “Our Kentucky Heritage” “My Daily Devotional” "My Daily Devotional Volume II" "My Daily Devotional Volume III" "My Daily Devotional Volume IV" "My Daily Devotional Volume Six" "My Daily Devotional Volume Seven" "God’s Plan for the Family” " God’s Plan for a Father” "God's Plan for a Joy Filled Life" "The Silent Church" "God's Plan For Financial Freedom" "Living Without Sin" "My Kentucky Heritage" "Brock Family Cookbook" All of my books can be ordered at by typing in my name Robert William Brock, Jr. As part of my ministry I write a free daily devotional which is distributed on a daily basis to over 2 million people daily via e-mail. I live with my wife Margaret of 45 years in East Liverpool, where we have resided for over 33 years. We have three children and six grandchildren.
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